Year 7 and 8 Girls Softball

Year 7 and Year 8 student's recounts of the South West Zone Softball Tournament. 

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Year 7 Girls Softball Report

On Tuesday the 23rd February the year 7 and 8 girls’ softball teams went to a tournament.

Our first game was against Holy Cross. It was very hard because they were a good team but that didn’t mean we gave up. Unfortunately we didn’t win but that was ok because we had more games to focus on.

Our next game was against Bader. We won that game 5-0.

We played 5 games overall and at our prize giving we came 3rd.

Well done to the year 7 & 8 softball teams. 

By Sariah and Ofa, Room 1.


Year 8 Girls Softball Report

On Tuesday 23rd, the year girls went to Aorere Park for the South West Zone softball tournament. Our first game started off a bit shaky, most of us were nervous. As Papatoetoe hit the ball we gained more confidence, and started playing as a team.

Throughout the day we won three games and lost one in our pool, we went to see who was going to play in the semi’s… when we heard our school were we cheered with excitement!
Mary Mackillop was tough but we managed to get our home runs.

Mary Mackillop stopped the game so we moved onto the finals, to play Holy Cross.
Holy Cross was scary, many of us doubted ourselves, but eventually we managed to finish the game well. Overall we came second to Holy Cross.
Mrs King was so proud of us, supporting us and keeping our heads up with her smile. Thank you Mrs King for your wonderful skills of coaching!

Our captain was Arnet, our vice was Ioana. They led us to our “glorious victory”. Our team worked so hard, we practiced as much as we could. The practice paid off…

Some of us got injured but we persevered and kept fighting… even though we were TIRED, SWEATING, BLEEDING and BRUISED!

At the end of the day it was all worth it. We were proud of ourselves and we showed sportsmanship!

By Arnet, Sosiana and Lua