Graphic Statements

At O.I.S. we want to encourage the thinking, creation and celebration of a wide range of visual statements across the school. We want them to be expressions of our student community and highlight their individuality. Some of the current statements we have include:


A range of murals have been installed around the school. Some are painted directly on the surface, and others have been painted on boards and attached. Given the weather damage to some, we are currently considering updating certain areas.

The major mural project (known as the RESENE WALL) is currently in progress, for the main North-facing wall of the Performing Arts building. The boards are in various stages of completion, ranging from some yet to be designed, with others that are ready to be hung.

Have a look at the wall in progress here.

Pavement Art

Around the school, there are a number of paintings around the drains, and they serve as a reminder to keep our waterways clean. Seeing the paintings of sea-life also helps us remember where the water goes.

Sculptures and 3D Art

In the school’s front foyer, as well as the staff room, there are carved cultural faces made of plaster. This is an area being explored for further future work.

Banners and Flags

There are a few painted banners around the school, highlighting Maori values; Kotahitanga, Rangimarie, Manaakitanga and Whanaungatanga. They are sometimes used to represent the school during inter-school events.

Mosaic Art

The Peace Garden houses the school’s only mosaic art, and these were completed in 2011. This would be another great area to delve into more, and is something the Graphics Statement team is considering.