· We respect each other.

Teachers and students speak respectfully to one another and actively listen.

Forms of politeness are insisted upon.

· We respect school property.

We all care for our school property and equipment.

This includes not accepting any forms of vandalism, disrespect, negligence, or lack of care.

· We wear full school uniform.

Our uniform is a source of school pride and is required by our Board of Trustees.

We expect students to wear full school uniform at all times, including for Physical Education.


Personal Responsibility

· We play fairly.

Fair play means positive sportsmanship, fair judgment, and inclusiveness.

· We are healthy eaters.

We are a Health Promoting School and pride ourselves on selling healthy food from our tuck shop.

Unhealthy items such as chewing gum, fizzy (or other high sugar drink), chips & confectionary will be taken away.

· We encourage students to leave valuable items at home.

If a student needs to bring one to school (like a cell phone) it should be left in the office during the school day for safe-keeping.



· We are passionate that every student reaches high levels of learning.

All students are thoughtfully placed within classes to achieve learning, and their varying needs are individually addressed.

· We offer many extracurricular opportunities.

We encourage all students to be involved in school wide activities.

If a student is passionate about something for which we do not have a group, we encourage them to start one up.

·  We focus on restorative justice.

Every student has a voice and teachers apply restorative justice practices to eliminate violence.

We will not accept putdowns, verbal, emotional or physical insults.

· We allow students to leave the school grounds only with parental permission.

Students must sign out at the office.

We take our responsibility for our students at our school seriously.