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Tuckshop Menu

The tuckshop is available during Break 1 and Break 2 of the school day. Hot food is available to order in the morning before school starts or on break 1, this can be picked up by the student in break 2.

Tuckshop Menu

Item Price
Apple Juice $1.80
Juicies $1.20
Moosies $1.40
Calcium (Chocolate) $1.80
Popcorn $1.00
Large Cookies (Choco/Chip) $1.80
Doritos Chips $1.80
Veggie Chips $1.80

Break 2 Hot Food

Item Price
Sausage Roll $1.80
Large Mince & Cheese Pie $2.80
Large Chicken Pie $2.80
Bacon Quiche $3.00
Potato Top Pie $2.80
Bacon & Egg Pie $2.80
Pizza BBQ $2.80
Pizza Meat Lovers $2.80

Tuck Shop Order Form.pdf