Environmental Team

O.I.S. is a GreenGold Environmental School. What does this mean?

For our school it means doing everything we can to reduce our footprint on our environment, and to live harmoniously alongside the school’s estuary. We want to educate our students so they can make informed decisions, that will help them preserve and protect the future of the environment in which they live.


Our BIG Vision:

  • To maintain our Green Gold Enviroschool status
  • To have small projects each term so that there is clear and visible evidence of the work our students are doing
  • To make OIS as beautiful on the outside as we know it is on the inside
  • To spread the message into our local community

Teachers oversee the various areas of the Environmental Team, but ultimately it is up to our students to run things. We believe that empowering our students is the best way to educate them and we are excited about the work that is currently being done in our school.

Click on any of the subgroups below to learn more.

  • Compost
  • Gardens
  • Peace Garden
  • Trees For Survival
  • Recycling
  • Waste Management

Special Projects

  • Graphic Statements
  • Estuary Clean-up
  • Data Collection
  • Seed Propogation – Term 4 last year saw the beginning of free seedlings and lessons being offered to members of our community in an effort to help them create their own gardens. The Garden to Table project has been a huge success at other schools and our students would like to educate others on simple projects for sustaining the environment. More to come upon launch.