Data Collection

We have a very committed group of students involved in our Environmental Data Collection Team. They are interested in discovering more about:

  1. The school’s overall environmental footprint
  2. The amount of water our school could collect over a year AND
  3. How the rainwater collected be used if we were to install water tanks?

Some of the data we will be collecting throughout the year includes:

  • How many trees we have destroyed for paper usage
  • The amount of power printers use compared to the life of a 60 watt light bulb.
  • Daily school power usage
  • Daily school water usage
  • Daily rainfall

The process through which we will do this is as follows:

a) Collecting Data

b) Reading and Recording

c) Displaying

d) Communicating

e) Monitoring

We feel it is incredibly important to let our students and community know the results of our findings, so we will be giving updates at assemblies, as well as including information in our weekly newsletter.