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Samoan Language Week Activities

For Samoan Language week, students learned how to valu the popo/grate the coconut using a Samoan tool called a tu’ai which you sit on. 

Students were able to grate the coconut and use the kauaga (coconut fibre) to squeeze the milk out to make pe’epe’e (coconut cream).

Ula lole workshop:

Students learned to make an ula lole (lolly necklace) which is used on special occasions such as birthdays, graduations and even weddings. These are used in Samoan culture to symbolise a token of thanks or gratitude.

Students worked in groups to create variations of the ula lole made from lollies, cling wrap and ribbon.

Food relay 

Students took part in a food relay challenge. The cultural foods used were panikeke (deep fried pancakes), keke pua’a (pork bun) and keke saiga (biscuit with garlic and soy). The fastest syndicate to complete all the foods were the winners. Kauri syndicate took out the first challenge of the week!

Vaifala relay race:

Students went head to head in their syndicates to see who could make vaifala (Samoan pineapple drink) the quickest and the tastiest. Kauri syndicate were our champions for the third time in a row this week, congratulations!